pasta del capo

Pasta Del Capo are in need of a brand identity built around their existing logo which they would like to keep. The brand identity needs to communicate PDC's authentic Italian flavour as well as their modern and playful approach. The branding needs to speak to busy professionals on-the-go, local families and Wenatchee visitors to show them that they can experience the taste of Italy in a way that's fun, fresh and convenient. With the goal to create a brand identity that feels on-trend yet playfully retro, the branding needs to be funky, playful and communicate PDC's handcrafted approach to food.

overview of brief:

Pasta Del Capo is a food truck based in Wenatchee, WA specializing in hand crafted pasta, made daily in-house using a copper die extruder.
Pasta Del Capo offers fresh, hand crafted, Italian restaurant quality pasta paired with the convenience, fun and novelty experience of a food truck. PDC offers the familiarity of fast food in a way that is tastier, better for you and a higher quality of food. Buying fresh pasta
from Pasta Del Capo means you can enjoy your deliciously authentic Italian cuisine wherever you like.


Fun, retro, authentic Italian, playful, quality, handcrafted, family

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