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Sweets Boutique, Kelsey Elizabeth is in need of a fresh rebrand to communicate not only its dreamy in-shop experiences and tempting treats but its distinctive style and fanciful character. As a sweet treats business hoping to dominate the space, the branding needs to speak to fashionable, chic and stylish women to show them that Kelsey Elizabeth is the go-to brand for sweet treats that are equally stunning and enticing, without compromising on taste and quality. With the goal to become recognised for their uniquely beautiful style, the branding needs to be dreamy and stylish, yet with a hint of fun and playfulness.

overview of brief:

Kelsey Elizabeth is a bakery and collection of Sweet Boutiques that offers dreamy experiences through enticing sweet treats. With stylish and tempting cakes & bakes, each of our products provides the style of a fanciful French patisserie with a comforting ‘just like mom used to make’ taste, making you feel indulgent and bonne vivante.


Playful, stylish, chic, fashionable, indulgent, fun, pink, feminine, girly

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