food mood mojo

Food Mood Mojo is in need of fresh rebrand to communicate that not only do they provide personalised nutrition + wellness plans but a path to feeling your healthiest and most confident self and an innovative, knowledgable and unique approach. The branding needs to speak to elevated, modern and health concious women to show them that they can regain or maintain their health, energy and overcome health obstacles, whilst maintaining a fun and feel good energy. With the goal to stand out in the health and wellness space whilst incorporating something different yet trusted, the branding needs to be elevated and classic, yet with a hint of feminine playfulness

overview of brief:

Food Mood Mojo are a patient-centred nutritionist that provide personalised nutrition and wellness plans. With science-based and food-focused plans, our service allows women to take back control and understanding of their bodies, making them feel empowered and like they have their mojo back.


Elevated, warm, original, feminine, playful, joyful, fresh, caring, knowledgable, handcrafted, organic

brand illustrations

artistic backgrounds

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